High Quality
Quality assurance is not just a stage in MaCh eX RFID and IOT products. It is in built from the point of diagnosing your needs to you utilizing our products.That’s our Quality moto.

Great Future
We know your company has a great future.we also know when your company use our RFID and IOT products and services. MaCh eX gives your company a boost to a brighter future.
MaCh eX is passionate about IT.We believe it would be prevalent in every aspects our lives. You are passionate about your product and we believe with our RFID and IOT product and services, you can bring your passion to a wider audience.
Maximise Potential
MaCh eX role is not to help you calim goverment grant, our role is not to help you minimize your IT budget.MaCh eX’s role is to allow you to use RFID and IOT technologies as an enabler to maximize your company’s potential.
MaCh eX Philosophy

        MaCh eX philosophy is that for a proper implementation of systems, it is about working out the business processes and human requirements first. The role that MaCh eX can contribute to any implementation is to mitigate the gap between human requirements versus IT systems requirements. Only with a collaborative approach can any implementation brings profitability to a company…

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Our Services

MaCh eX has in depth knowledge in application development and project implementation.
Seasoned technical expertise in wide range of technology and years of experience in different domains provides us the edge over competitors keeping our clients confident about our solutions and implementation.

Before anything, MaCheX would assist in diagnosing your company IT effectiveness. This is to help us provide you with an effective solution that can unleash your company potential.

Whether it is Networking, Office systems or Broadband or mobile phones requirements, MaCheX has a wide range of partners that can provide you with these services. Not only do we provide these products at a lower cost but we ensure that all these IT products are fully utilized to be a strong enabler to your business.

MaCheX has choosen MYOB as the most effective bean counters and payroll. We have chosen it as it has the simplest user interface and it is not over packed with features that overwhelms you.

Having a web presence is very important in any business. MaCheX recognizes that and we provide a complete suite of services to ensure that your website is ready for the world to view.

Integration between accounting to warehouse systems is very critical as many companies have different software. Errors are generated due to copying data from one system to another. MaCheX has identified this as a major problem and has developed Teletr@ns that is a complete middleware suite that connects up all the dots of your company.

Our Products

MaCh eX focuses on IOT products that would help your company in the digital transformation journey. MaCh eX focuses on developing their own product line of RFID solutions and has developed off the shelf RFID Solutions for different industries. This helps to lower the cost of implementation and increase the speed of project completion. It allows your company to start getting the return of investment within months.

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