IoT Tuition Management

Key Features:

  • Effective Attendance Tracking
  • Easy for tutors to follow up with absentee
  • Fees Management
  • Membership renewal
  • Retrieve past records of payments not made, recuperate loss

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your tuition center and make your staff happier? This is perfectly possible when you implement our IoT Tuition Management Solution, a unique solution that makes attendance taking easy and effortless. And this is just the beginning of a list of features which you will be delighted to learn about. Imagine, as your students walk into your center, their attendance is automatically recorded, no one needs to press any buttons or type in any information.

Even better, parents and guardians can be sent an SMS to inform them that the student has arrived safely at the centre. But the convenience does not end here. You will now have the ability to create invoices automatically, never again miss collecting fees from any student. Our IoT Tuition Management Solution even helps you to monitor the payments and reconcile payments made via interbank GIRO. If these features do not make you excited, please call us for a discussion and we can help to create the perfect system just for you. Let’s make your tuition center a Smart Tuition Center with our IoT Tuition Management Solution.

Most Popular Features:

  • Student friendly attendance taking – Send alerts to parents when child has reached tuition centre to give them peace of mind
  • Auto Reporting to reduce administrative tasks and perform customised analytics like how long students stay, where and who do they sit with, the busiest time slots and so on
  • Auto Invoicing with auto bank reconciliation for more efficient collection of tuition fees

Contact us today for a free consultation. All solutions are highly customisable to meet your specific needs.