IoT Intelligent Uniform

Key Features

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence, ability to recommend best size fit of clothing
  • Reduce rejects due to sizing mismatch, reduce the need for alteration
  • Zero-maintenance IoT solution with RFID based system
  • Exceptional temperature and harsh environmental performance

How often have you heard the excuse that your staff forgot to bring their passes? Or students reporting that they have lost their passes?

What if these passes can never be lost or forgotten? Would that solve a major headache for you?

Let us introduce you to the concept of the Intelligent Uniform. With our reliable RFID labels, we can ensure that each and every staff, student or anyone who wears the intelligent uniform, be properly accounted for. Every single day.

Here is how it works. First, each intelligent uniform is sewn with the RFID label. This fabric is washable and does not require batteries or any sort of maintenance. Each intelligent uniform is then issued to either the staff or student.

Throughout the office, factory, site, or school, you will have readers which will automatically record the presence of each person as they walk past. There is no need to tap any device. This hassle-free method is not only a huge relief for the people, but it also creates a far more accurate and efficient system for the organisation to track the attendance and presence of everyone.

At any time, you can know if a particular individual is present in the premises. Each day, the attendance is automatically taken and tabulated. Movement can also be tracked by placing readers at key locations.

The possibilities are endless.

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