IoT Event Management

Key Features:

  • Fast Registration
  • Pre-registration
  • Queue Management System for break-out rooms with data collection capability

Organising an event is a complex and time consuming task. Yet, with the right tools, your job can be so much easier. IoT Event Management Solution is the first Event Management Solution that integrates IoT devices with Event Management software to get insight to the events which you organise.

What this means is that you have a complete solution which includes the contactless reader that can read RFID devices, and you also get the RFID Tags which you can issue to your visitors so that they can have access to your event. This allows you to know who has attended, and which exhibit or services they are interested in without you or your staff needing to take any notes or register for attendance.

The RFID Tags can be issued to your visitors in the form of an Invitation, and they are pre-registered. This means that all their information is already stored in the card. With this tag already in their hands, registration is super fast, as they merely need to tap their cards or tags against the RFID Reader.
Better yet, as your guests circulate among the various sections at your event, you can easily capture their activities. Capturing this information allows you to better understand your guests’ behavior and also to measure their level of interest in your various exhibits. This is done with our Edge IOT Analytics Device, just another one of our convenient and easy to use solution to help you manage your event better.

Using our IOT Event Management Solution, you can be alerted each time a guest approaches your exhibit. Using our long range scanning capabilities, you will be able to know when guests are coming even before they reach you. This provides a unique and productive exhibition experience for both yourself and your visitors.

Analytics can be carried out on the captured data. These analytics allow you to understand:
1. Which booth has the highest attraction for your visitors
2. Who has visited which booth
3. How long each visitor stayed at the booth
4. What time is the peak period for visitors to visit the booth

There are many more data and analysis which can be done, and we are happy to customize them for you.

All the insights from these analytics will allow you to understand your customers and even your customers’ customers which gives you an edge in setting future events.

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