IoT Church and Sunday School Management

Key Features:

  • Walk-in congregation without hassle to scan
  • SMS will be sent to parent upon arrival/departure of children leaving assigned rooms/compound
  • Informative data analytics for church leaders
  • Locate individual during emergency
  • Superior long term benefits over barcode solution

When you have a lively and active congregation, the last thing you need is for it to be bogged down by needless administrative tasks and processes. This is why you need a good Church Attendance Management System and a Sunday School Management System.

With our Church Attendance Management System in place, you will be able to easily and quickly track your congregation. Immediately identify regulars who have missed Church and activate your teams to see if they need any assistance. Or, discover groups that are spending more or less time in Church, and work out programs that will encourage the types of interaction you need.

Children and adults all need continuous learning. With our Sunday School Management System, you will be able to track each student’s progress. You will know what classes they attended, which topics they have covered and more.

All the insights from these analytics will allow you to understand your Church and its members better. This will give you better insights when you are planning any future events.

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