IoT Asset Management

Key Features:

  • Tracking main system w sub-assembly system w/o close proximity or line of sight
  • A tighter security over high value items
  • Accountability of in-house equipment
  • Ease of audit performance
  • Improve audit efficiency and accuracy
  • Grouping of Assets

Contactless Asset Management Solution is an asset management solution which is created for easy deployment and accurate asset management. Using RFID tags, there is no need for maintenance as there are no batteries to replace. The perfect synergy between our hardware and software means that you can benefit from the best of RFID-based IOT solution for your asset management. All our solutions are based on client needs and have been tested and proven.

Our IoT Asset Management Solution is highly customizable and has many features which you need for good asset management. One of the most powerful feature is our ability to easily integrate into your existing system, or can be used as a standalone solution.

By using RFID tags, our IoT solution greatly simplifies the entire process. Each tag can be easily customised using different templates. This allows you to quickly set up your asset management system and keep an accurate record of each individual item. Our rule-based system also allows you to create rules that will automatically trigger an SMS or email alert to a pre-defined list of recipients based on your criteria.

We have also developed our very own PeAID (Portable Edge Analytics Device) that makes your Yearly Audit a breeze. This device allows you to do cycle counting, records them and even help you ensure that sub-assembly parts are accounted for.

Top 10 Features:

  • Easy check-in and check-out with usage tracking history
  • Virtual Fencing of Assets to ensure you don’t lose any assets (Detect unauthorized equipment or asset movement with real-time notification of inventory movement)
  • Edge Analytics Asset Tags Tracking and Detection ensure that pre-defined actions can be performed when assets are detected (Allows automatic cycle counting with improved accuracy and efficiency)
  • Instantly locate any asset and quickly identify equipment and assets which require maintenance, have warranty expiring or other certification requirements
  • Trigger Alarm to Asset Owners / Maintenance Team based on setup – Be Informed Globally via SMS or Email
  • Associate specific assets to specific staff or personnel
  • Asset management automation to reduce labour costs
  • Cloud-based or On-Premise options
  • Active Monitoring of Assets for better visibility into location of inventory throughout the distribution pipeline

Contact us today for a free consultation. All solutions are highly customisable to meet your specific needs.