• Waterproof IP 68
  • Wristband Material: PVC & PET
  • Read distance: Up to 2.5m
  • Flexible & easy-to-wear
  • 100, 000 times reading & writing
  • Also Available: Custom colors, OEM logo

This versatile RFID tag is not only for tracking laundry, but is specially customised to provide Real Time location of the person and provide business insights to the safety of your wearer and performance of your company.

Paper Tyvek Hospital RFID Wristband-75 were designed to be a versatile single use band. The soft, flexible, breathable and waterproof band has many applications. As it is breathable, it does not create discomfort when the user is wearing it. It’s tough material ensures user does not accidentally rip off the tag. This tag when coupled with our RF Scanner can be used to track event participants reaction to the booths or provide real time location of patients in hospital. It is a life of 4 weeks and a read distance of up to 2.5 meters. The UHF wristbands are programmable.


  1. Type: Contactless R/W
  2. Operating Frequency: UHF 860MHz~960MHz Global Frequency
  3. Size:292mm/313mm(chip:75*25mm)
  4. Reading Distance: Up to 2.5m
  5. Material: PVC & PET
  6. Operating Temperature: -40º C to +80º C
  7. Storage Temperature: -40º C to +100º C

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