IoT RFID Sentry


There is a whole range of RFID hardware which you can select from to execute your IoT implementation strategy. What is the most important factor to consider is really the level of compatibility and reliability of your chosen equipment. Illustrated here is our RFID UHF Long Range Reader, which is used in many of our IoT solutions involving the use of RFID tags in various formats.

This RFID UHF Long Range Reader can be mounted on the wall or put as a stand alone box anywhere it is needed. When integrated with our customised mini computer and cloud applications, the scanner is operational right out of the box. With this, you can start creating a new retail experience, track your staff, or track your assets in less than 1 hour; that’s how fast we can get things going for you.

This is an edge Analytics IoT device that has an in built RFID scanner which helps in authentication of the Assets/Personnel. This device has the ability to communicate with the cloud and update any captured data for further processing. On site, its micro processors can help in doing on site analytics and trigger other IoT devices. It’s powerful RF Scanner can pick up RFID tags at range of about 8-15m depending on prevailing conditions. This device is highly configurable and can work together as a group for in house location tracking and as a security surveillance unit.

eAID is designed to be a highly configurable unit in order for it to be used for different IoT requirements and integrate with other existing systems (ERP/Inventory/HR) or databases.

Important specifications for the IT guys:

  • Support protocol : ISO18000-6C EPC Gen2 / ISO18000-6B
  • Working frequency : ISM 902MHz ~ 928MHz, Or 920MHz ~ 925MHz
  • Customization : 860MHz ~ 960MHz
  • Working mode : FHSS or working mode of fixed frequency pulse transmitting set by software
  • Transmit power : 20dBm ~ 30 dBm (set by software)
  • Read speed : The average read time for single card is less than 10ms per 64 bits
  • Read distance : 4m ~ 8m (tag and environment dependent)
  • Write speed : 8bits less than 30ms
  • Write distance : 2m ~ 4m (tag and environment dependent)
  • Read prompt : Buzzer/LED Light
  • Power supply : DC+9V,4A
  • Power consumption : 6W
  • Working temperature : -30°C~70°C

Data Port interface

  • USB Port : Yes
  • RS232 Port : Yes
  • RS485 Port : Yes
  • Weigand Port : Weigand26/34
  • Trigger port : Yes
  • TCP/IP Port (RJ45) : Yes

Exterior and weight

  • Dimension : 235mm×235mm×50mm
  • Weight : 1500g

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