IoT RFID Registration

Portable edge Analytics IOT device (PeAID) links with a RFID reader to make RFID reading easy. It allows users to bring analytics to any location.

PeAID can work with and without Internet connection. The “intelligence” and data are kept in PeAID but once connection is established, it would update its “intelligence” and upload the data to the cloud.

PeAID comes with features for attendance taking, cycle counting, asset detection, assembly and subaseembly accounting.

As it is assembled and developed in house, you can have a peace of mind in using this product for any requirements.

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Tags: IOT RF Software, Middle Ware, RFID UHF Scanner

Type of Program : Integrated RFID Scanner with Output to cloud and analytics
Customization : Yes via config file
Dimension : 25cm X 13cm X 7 cm
Weight : 0.5 kg
Configurable Analytics : Yes
Execute executable based on conditions : Yes
RFID Scanner Specs

Support protocol : ISO18000-6C EPC Gen2 / ISO18000-6B
Working frequency : ISM 902MHz ~ 928MHz, Or 920MHz ~ 925MHz

Customization : 860MHz ~ 960MHz

Read speed : The average read time for single card is less than 100ms per 64 bits

Read distance : 10cm ~ 15cm (tag and environment dependent)

Read prompt : Buzzer/LED Light

Data Port interface

USB Port : Yes

Electric parameter

Power supply : DC+5V / Built in Battery

Exterior and weight

Weight: 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 235 × 130 × 70 cm

Dimension : 200mm×130mm×50mm

Weight : 300g

Working environment

Working temperature : 18°C~35°C

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