About Us

MaCh eX is founded by a passionate IT nerd who believes that IT is an enabler and not a cost center. IT is not a replacement of human but it is a tool to enable our human resources to fully extend their capability for the company.

MaCh eX Vision
To be the most valued and trusted IT partner for Startups and SMEs.

MaCh eX Mission
Accurately diagnose IT needs of startups and SMEs to determine requirements. Create value adding IT infrastructure, and establish effective and efficient maintenance protocols.Use IT to partner startups and SMEs for further technological needs.

MaCh eX philosophy
MaCh eX philosophy is that for a proper implementation of systems, it is about working out the business processes and human requirements first. The role that MaCh eX can contribute to any implementation is to mitigate the gap between human requirements versus IT systems requirements. Only with a collaborative approach can any implementation brings profitability to a company.