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Smart Cities with IoT and RFID Solutions

Have you ever wondered how you can enter the exciting world of smart homes and smart cities? The many different types of devices, equipment, communications standards and many other aspects can be confusing. This is especially true because you may only specialise in one or two aspects. Let us help you integrate your IOT or RFID solutions.

IoT System Integration Services

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We have a comprehensive range of services targeted at the IoT requirements for both enterprise and SME needs.

IoT Products

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About Us

MaCh eX Pte Ltd has a team of passionate developers and solution architects with in-depth knowledge and experience in Internet of Things (IoT). Our in-house developed application framework allows customization within short time frame to improve work efficiency and facilitate data collection for analysis.

MaCh eX Pte Ltd has a good track record of successful project implementation with IOT solutions across a wide range of applications.